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The work summary of the degradable plastics special committee of China Plastics Association in 2002 and the work plan for 2003

I. summary of work

the degradable plastics special committee of China Plastics Association has been established for one year. With the support of China Plastics Association and relevant leaders, the cooperation of relevant units and the cooperation of all members, the following work has been done and several practical things have been done

1. Do a good job in the degradable plastics newsletter, which is changed from the original quarterly to bimonthly, with a revised version of the content, and added enterprise publicity materials and color covers to increase the publicity effect. 2. We prepared to carry out field composting tests on high powder content and fully biodegradable plastics, consulted a large number of foreign information on the composting progress of degradable plastics, certification marks, standards and license issuing agencies, drew up a composting test plan suitable for national conditions with reference to foreign experience and foreign standards, and contacted the soil and Fertilizer Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences and other units to solicit opinions and discuss cooperation plans, It is planned to test the garbage inspection and receiving lens bag from next spring. 3. Domestic research, through various meetings, relevant exhibitions, enterprise visits, business trips and other opportunities, widely collect information about enterprises, listen to the opinions of member units, help enterprises solve some problems and troubles encountered in work or testing or purchasing raw materials, equipment, product export and marketing, communicate the relationship between members, and carry out mutual assistance and mutually beneficial cooperation on a voluntary basis. 4. We should act as a bridge between members and governments, actively report the situation and problems to relevant leading departments: the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the China Plastics Processing Association, the plastic packaging Committee of the China Packaging Association, and the China Environmental Protection Products Association, provide relevant materials and suggestions on plastic waste recycling and treatment and degradable plastics, publicize the achievements of enterprises, and strive for the support of leaders. 5. Actively develop members and better serve members. The number of member units has increased from 36 at the founding meeting to 45. Communicate and deal with some problems in time through degradable plastics in China and email. 6. It actively contacted and cooperated with Tianjin Danhai Co., Ltd., the chairman unit, and Tsinghua University, the vice chairman unit, to organize the "2002 China International Forum on sustainable development and the development of environmentally degradable plastics industry". Contact ICS-UNIDO for many times to determine the conference theme, venue, date, list of invited experts, solicit papers, and publish conference information at home and abroad. He published a collection of papers in Chinese and English with nearly one million words, invited relevant leaders to visit for guidance and held a simultaneous interpretation conference, and carried out a series of meticulous and complicated work. The success of the conference has accumulated experience for holding relevant international conferences in the future. 7. Actively cooperate with Tianjin Danhai Co., Ltd. to draft and formulate the industrial standard of starch based degradation masterbatch, organize and coordinate relevant units to participate in the discussion and formulation, and widely solicit opinions. The draft standard has been basically completed, and it is proposed to be sent to the expert group for review and approval. 8. Continue to track and investigate the latest progress and problems of plastic waste treatment at home and abroad, relevant policies, research and development, application and development of environmentally degradable plastics, and relevant standards

II. Work plan for 2003

1. In order to better play the role of the degradable plastics special committee and effectively strengthen professional exchanges and cooperation among members (including non members), the special committee plans to set up the following departments: * starch based degradable plastics masterbatch (special materials) department: it is in the charge of Tianjin Danhai Co., Ltd* Department of photodegradation and environmentally friendly materials: under the charge of the Institute of environmental materials of Fujian Normal University* Department of Biodegradable Plastics: the Department of biology of Tsinghua University is in charge* Standard department: the Secretariat of the special committee is responsible* Information Department: China degradable plastics is in charge * Foreign Liaison Department: the Secretariat of the special committee, China degradable plastics and the Department of biology of Tsinghua University are jointly responsible. 2. Set up the editorial board of degradable plastics communication. Consultants: Chen Wenying, Liao Zhengpin, Xu Beilei. Editor in chief: Tang Sai force sensor. Pu Tong adopts hydraulic pressure sensor. Editorial board members: Chen Guoqiang, Yu Jiugao, Wang Yuzhong, Chen Qinghua, Quan Shipu, ye Xinjian, Tao Xin, Ma Zhanfeng. 3 Formulate the composting field test plan and relevant standards. 4. Revise the industrial standard of degradable plastic packaging film, and cooperate with relevant units to carry out a national sampling inspection. 5. The CD-ROM of "2002 China International Forum on sustainable development and environmentally degradable plastics" was published. 6. Continue to do a good job in the degradable plastics communication, and increase the amount of information on environmental protection and resource substitution. 7. In the first half of 2003, it jointly organized a cross strait plastic waste recycling and environmental degradation plastic technology exchange meeting with China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Taiwan, China environmental protection industry association and Taiwan, China biodegradable plastic Association. 8. In the autumn of 2003, with Kunming Danhai degradable materials Co., Ltd. and yunchui compatibility and comprehensive performance nangejiu plastic factory, we organized the "2003 annual meeting of degradable plastics special committee of China Plastics Association", striving to hold an international exchange and exhibition of production technology and application development technology of environmental degradable plastics. 9. Actively report the situation to the relevant leading departments, reflect the problems, and strive for support and support; Strengthen the contact and cooperation with relevant departments to promote the smooth and orderly introduction of degradable plastics to the market, reduce environmental pollution and pave the way for Beijing to implement the Green Olympics. 10. Strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, especially with ICS-UNIDO, improve the technical level of degradable plastics in China, and promote the healthy and smooth development of degradable plastics in China. 11. Actively develop members, adhere to better serve members in an all-round way, give play to the cohesion of the special committee and the role of a bridge between members and the government, and establish a degradable plastic enterprise and institution database. Adhere to the spirit of seeking truth, unity, striving and innovation, and work together to play an active role in pushing China's degradable plastics industry to a new level, protecting the environment and implementing the strategy of sustainable development

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