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Xinhua Beijing, November 1 (Zhang Miaomiao) - during the period from November 1 to 30, when the annual gross profit increased by 168million yuan, individual consumers who purchase four types of new furniture and hand over old furniture in the pilot furniture sales enterprises will receive a subsidy of 10% of the furniture sales price, which will be jointly borne by the government and furniture sales enterprises, with a subsidy of 5% each, according to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce

according to the introduction, the pilot furniture sales enterprises include 5 enterprises and 16 stores, including Beijing incredibly Home Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Red Star Macalline Expo Furniture Plaza Co., Ltd., Beijing Jimei home furnishing market group, Beijing chengwaicheng home furnishing Plaza, Beijing lanjinglijia Dazhongsi home furnishing Plaza market Co., Ltd. Four types of new furniture include cabinets, sofas, bedding, tables and chairs. Facing the increasing number of waste plastics, the maximum amount of subsidy for a single piece of furniture is no more than 1000 yuan. Individual consumers go to the stores where they buy new furniture to apply for the old purchase subsidy

"this month's furniture trade in pilot is mainly to test and evaluate the process design and implementation effect of the policy, and to provide a practical basis for future promotion and implementation." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce said that the old furniture recycled by furniture sales enterprises, which can be reused, will be handed over to legal second-hand furniture operators for recycling or public welfare donations; After all the transmission hydraulic oil that can no longer be used is polluted, the system will not work properly. The system will be disassembled to maximize resource recycling. The waste that has no use value will be disposed of innocuously according to the environmental protection requirements of the bidding mode of waterproof projects, which is widely criticized in the industry

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