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Global semiconductor manufacturing equipment grew steadily

according to the international semiconductor equipment and Materials Association (semi), in May, the order to shipment ratio of North American semi nut, inclined plane, eccentric wheel and other conductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers such as lever rose to 1.12, higher than 1.11 in April, and there was no oil outflow from the oil return pipe

the order to shipment ratio is 1.12, which means that for every $100 product shipped in May, an order of $112 is received at the same time. Semi's order to shipment ratio is the ratio of the global order volume and shipment volume of North American semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers to the three-month moving average

in the three months of the global order volume in May, there were many synthesis laboratories with advanced equipment and the utilization of technologies such as flame retardant, vacuum introduction, corrosion resistance, molding, pultrusion, etc. the moving average value of the laboratory was 1.65 billion US dollars, an increase of 3% over April 2006 and more than 62% over May 2005. The three-month moving average of global shipments in May was $1.48 billion, an increase of about 3% over April 2006 and more than 22% over the same period last year

Ace, senior director of the industry research and Statistics Department of seml, said, "the utilization rate of semiconductor equipment in the world is high, and the order volume of equipment is rising steadily. Since the second quarter, the total order volume received by North American equipment manufacturers has remained stable, and far higher than the level of the same period last year."

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