The hottest selling ton of steel only earns yuan.

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Selling tons of steel only makes money. Wuhan Iron and steel circulation enterprises fight the severe winter together.

there are more than 100 merchants in danshuichi steel market, and only less than 20 households are open for business

the big trucks that used to be busy in and out quietly stopped in the market. Photographed by Peng Zhong

"two years ago, selling a ton of steel can earn 400 yuan, but now it can only earn yuan." Yesterday, in the Hubei gold controller and software materials trading market of Jiang'an Danshui pool, merchants told with anxiety. "If it weren't for the money, 6. The tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity, stress, strain and other parameters of the material could be measured. We really want to change our profession to sell vegetables."

according to the survey of authoritative departments, the average profit of the steel industry was 1.68 yuan/ton by July this year

"open the door and lose": less than 20% of the sales of the dealership

"more than 10 merchants in the market have run away because of debt, and now those who open the door are also struggling." Yesterday, when I came to the metal materials trading market beside Jiefang Avenue in Dan pool on the river bank, only a few steel merchants opened their doors, so I told them

we can see that Jiefang Avenue, which used to be blocked by large trucks carrying steel, is now unimpeded. Luodongsheng, the vehicle access administrator of the steel market, told that the steel market was in good condition a few years ago. There were at least 120 vehicles in and out a day, but now there are only more than 80 vehicles in the peak period every day, and only a dozen vehicles in the peak period

in the warehouse and open space of market inventory, only a few workers are checking steel. After counting, there are more than 100 dealers in the market, and less than 20 of them are open for business

"in previous years, a ton of steel can be sold for 4500 yuan at most, but now it is only more than 3000 yuan." Xing Baojun, manager of Wuhan Junxing Weiye Materials Co., Ltd., introduced to him that 800 tons of steel could be sold in one day in the past two years. Sometimes this year, the steel sold in one day can only be calculated in kilograms, even when it is not open for several days

Li Hui, the person in charge of Wuhan Dongshun Materials Co., Ltd., which has been operating here for more than four years, also complained to: no matter how low the steel price is, no one can buy it, and it is completely supported by some old customers in the past. With the rising costs of logistics, manpower and property, it is basically a state of "loss when opening the door"

run or stick: steel manufacturers face a dilemma

"at present, our company is basically able to maintain, and we hope to hold on until the steel market recovers, including hardware and software." Xing Baojun said helplessly. Merchants who are still holding on are very pessimistic about the current steel market. Zhao Dan, manager of Wuhan Dongchu industry and Trade Co., Ltd., told that in previous years, the impact sample broach was precision processed and manufactured with special materials and special processes, and the sales volume was 70000-80000 tons, not even 40000 tons this year

Lu Zhong, chairman of Wuhan Zhongjian industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd., who has experienced the ups and downs of Wuhan steel market for nearly 20 years, introduced that at present, large steel enterprises such as WISCO and Baosteel have directly cooperated with large steel customers such as Dongfeng, FAW and Haier, and steel traders are actually only facing small and medium-sized customers. Because the steel mills themselves are in a recession, steel traders must use cash to get goods from the steel mills, and most customers require steel traders to sell on credit. The attack between the two makes steel trading enterprises extremely difficult

"the continuous tightening policies of the state have made it almost impossible for small and medium-sized steel trading enterprises to obtain loans from banks. The strong financing demand has forced many bosses to turn to private financing channels, which in turn has raised the financing cost. Many bosses run away because of the broken capital chain."

there are only less than 20 households open for business in danshuichi steel market with more than 100 merchants

pull out of difficulties: "Steel Union" transformation and upgrading

in April this year, Wuhan Iron and steel materials industry association was established, and more than 400 iron and steel circulation enterprises joined. The association helps enterprises borrow money from banks in the way of huddling together for warmth. At present, it has obtained 13billion yuan of credit from Hankou bank and Guangfa bank, and more than a dozen steel enterprises have obtained tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan of financing, initially getting out of trouble

the municipal iron and steel materials industry association has also signed relevant cooperation agreements with Jiang'an District, Huangpi District and banking institutions to invest 10billion yuan in the construction of Wuhan Iron and steel deep processing project. Lu Jianguo, President of the association, said: under the severe market situation, steel traders can no longer make easy money with one hand as before. Steel traders should develop in the direction of steel logistics and deep processing, and strive to form an industrial chain integrating trade and manufacturing

Lu Zhong took the lead in building an electronic trading platform for steel warehousing, logistics, processing and distribution, Huarong steel Maocheng, covering an area of 1000 mu, in Yangluo Economic Development Zone. "Apply IOT technology to the steel logistics industry to minimize costs and improve efficiency". Nowadays, Huarong "Steel Union" has attracted national attention. Huarong company is currently working with the Ministry of industry and information technology to create an e-commerce platform for steel trade circulation

it can be seen that each steel pipe here has its own ID card. The specific model and production time of this steel pipe can be directly queried on the computer through the electronic bar code. From warehouse in to warehouse out, there is almost no noisy trading scene in the market of tens of thousands of square meters. It is understood that Huarong gangmao city is the first steel trade logistics trading platform using IOT technology in China. Through the latest IOT technology, the steel trade city integrates four functions: Trade and warehousing, processing and distribution, e-commerce, logistics and financial services

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