The hottest semiconductor laser engraving machine

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Semiconductor laser engraving machine is applied to glass bottles

laser glass and crystal engraving technology. Mr. you said that the technology is the most advanced and most popular glass engraving processing method in the world at present. It multiplies the frequency of pulsed YAG strong laser, outputs 532nm green laser, focuses in the interior of glass and crystal, generates micron sized vaporization burst points, and controls the spatial position of the burst points in the glass body by computer, Form a colorful three-dimensional image inside. It is suitable for fine internal carving in crystal glass, quartz glass, optical glass, ordinary glass and tempered glass. It can also be used for marking ABS resin through glass, known as the "king of plastics"; Silicon film cutting lamp field on glass surface

due to the electro-optical Q-switching technology, the frequency of the semiconductor internal carving machine can reach 1kHz. It has made contributions to the local economic and social development and national unity and progress in the plane internal carving, and can get continuous lines, which is particularly suitable for the carving of plane logo and text. For high-end wine manufacturers, the use of laser plane internal carving to carve logo in wine bottles can not only improve the product grade, but also play a role in anti-counterfeiting

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