The hottest semiconductor industry outlook in 2018

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Outlook of semiconductor industry in 2018: continuous innovation of semiconductor technology, market segments are ready to go

with the continuous development of semiconductor technology, many market segments are ready to go, and will achieve very high growth in 2018 and beyond. We believe these markets are supported by exciting global trends

for example, with the improvement of the electronization of automotive powertrain, the continuous improvement of the number of electric and hybrid vehicles and consumer acceptance, the automotive industry has a strong demand for innovative semiconductor and general electronic device solutions

in addition, the use scope and value growth of general-purpose electronic devices in passenger vehicles that have not been connected before not only show no signs of slowing down, but also are driven by more body and interior systems, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and the most eye-catching advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). Therefore, we will achieve SAE level 4 L4 automatic driving in the next decade

another market that is expected to show explosive growth is IOT and iiot (industry 4.0). The combination of activities and technologies of companies like ansenmey semiconductor increasingly provides practical and integrated IOT end-to-end solutions for engineers from various industries in the field of standard methods applicable to West German lubrication experiment (din51354). These schemes cover sensing, signal processing, power management and secure wireless connection. Devices including energy acquisition of ansenmey semiconductor and battery free intelligent passive sensors are supported by tools such as the IOT development kit (idk), which reduces the obstacles to use and makes the transformation from concept to actual scheme easier, more intuitive, faster and lower cost

other markets driven by the continuous innovation of semiconductor technology also include smart cities and smart homes, machine vision and robots, mobile health care and wearable devices, and all fields in which ansenmey semiconductor is highly concerned and actively involved

Anson semiconductor continues to invest in the automotive and industrial terminal markets

through years of investment in high growth segments and highly differentiated products in the automotive, industrial and communications terminal markets, Anson semiconductor has completely realized its business transformation. Our current business is driven by the sustainable long-term growth of the fastest-growing semiconductor terminal market, rather than by macroeconomic and industry cyclicality as in previous years

our business traction in high growth areas such as ADAS, electric vehicles, silicon carbide, machine vision and industrial power management continues to accelerate, and we are very optimistic about the prospects for 2018. We believe that we are still in the initial stage of realizing the income from ruag space's investment in the automotive and industrial end market, and the continuous popularization of ADAS, electric vehicle (EV)/hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), machine vision, robots and other applications will further accelerate the growth of our income. We continue to invest in automotive and industrial end markets because we believe these markets will become the fastest-growing semiconductor end markets

as mentioned above, we have a wide and diverse product lineup to support automotive electronic applications, and we are also a global leader in image sensor technology. Cameras have become extremely important and closely related, because they are not only used in cars to support ADAS and autonomous driving, but also used in consumer electronic applications such as UAVs and motion cameras, as well as other fields such as security and monitoring and machine vision

in addition, ansenmey semiconductor can provide semiconductor solutions for the entire power spectrum. We benefit from the demand for our power modules and power management semiconductor solutions. Our expertise in consumer electronics power modules enables us to cope with many application areas and provide integrated system solutions. In order to reduce the amount of white garbage, SenMei semiconductor's sensing, power management, interconnection devices and system solutions cover many markets, and provide innovative and strong methods to solve application challenges, and provide our customers with high-performance and differentiated end products

Anson semiconductor is now a company with a revenue of $5billion and will grow further in 2018. With its scale, expertise and technological diversity, the company has become a well-known top supplier of enabling technologies for many strategic end markets. Our strategy focuses on fast-growing markets with high growth potential; These factors put us in a favorable position in terms of growth and market penetration

the semiconductor industry pays more attention to integration, systematization, and energy efficiency.

whether Moore's law has come to an end, we won't say so, because now the focus is not on geometric size reduction, but on integrating technology and design modules into the system scheme, which is more efficient and energy-saving in terms of power, and the scheme is also more reliable and strong. This method itself can reduce the overall dimension of the final design

integration and systematization are very important. The industry has shifted from paying attention to Moore's law to paying more attention to integration and systematization. Of course, Anson semiconductor is the same. From the perspective of the plan, this is a positive development for the market we serve, and we may play a key role in helping to achieve the continuous listing of exciting new products

the geometric size may continue to decrease, but in the whole semiconductor industry, this rate of change is slowing down, because focusing on other aspects of technology can benefit users

energy efficiency is still a key trend. The low loss and energy saving of all types of devices at the semiconductor level translate into the need to reduce the overall energy consumption at the system and product levels

from a global perspective, products with higher energy efficiency and less power consumption mean lower global power generation demand. Despite the increasing use of renewable energy, fossil fuels and their related environmental impacts remain the backbone of energy production

in addition, as more and more products in various markets use battery power, they usually provide more functions, which requires low energy consumption and high energy efficiency optimization to maintain or extend the battery service time during each charging interval. From electric cars to wearable devices (such as fitness trackers, implantable medical devices or small hearing aids)

energy efficient innovation is the cornerstone of the operation of ansenmey semiconductor, and our power management expertise is leading the industry. The terminal applications in the strategic markets of automotive, industrial and communications companies all need energy-efficient innovation. As an enterprise, we can give full play to our expertise in power spectrum, develop products and solutions, and constantly set new standards for low energy consumption and high energy efficiency

ansenmey semiconductor helps technological innovation in China's semiconductor industry

China will continue to become a very important market for innovative semiconductor technology. We expect that China will continue to be an early adopter in the fields of autonomous driving, electric vehicles, IOT and smart home/smart city. Semiconductor based integrated system solutions will play a key role in these areas. China will benefit from the adoption and advancement of semiconductor technology provided by Anson semiconductor

after the acquisition of Fairchild, Anson semiconductor expanded its product lineup and expertise, significantly adding targeted solutions for many markets and applications. Through perfect support infrastructure and supply chain, backed by local capabilities and resources (such as solution Engineering Center), Anson semiconductor strives to do its best to support global engineers, including China, to help them adopt highly integrated cutting-edge semiconductor system solutions and help shorten the time to market of products

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