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The future demand growth of the construction machinery industry will face a fall.

the domestic macro tightening is becoming a reality from expectation. The construction machinery industry will face the risk of a fall in domestic demand growth in the future. It is expected that the annual growth rate in 2008 will fall back to about 25%. Compared with the drop in demand growth caused by macro tightening, the impact of cost rise caused by iron ore price rise is much smaller

the data of the first two months of 2008 show that the year-on-year growth rate of the main sub industries of the machinery industry has dropped, indicating that the prosperity of the industry is falling at a high level. Among them, the sales of construction machinery in the first quarter was good. Since it is no longer a novel thing to use a larger elastic vertical bag to pack ketchup, it will be adversely affected by the macro tightening in the future, and the dynamic management of "both in and out" will be fully implemented

in 2007, the output value of domestic construction machinery increased by 42.91% on a year-on-year basis, becoming one of the fastest growing sub industries of the machinery industry. At the same time, the export of major construction machinery products continued to grow significantly, such as loaders, graders, shovels, bulldozers and rollers, with an increase of more than 100%. In january2008, the domestic sales of excavators increased by 39% and the export increased by 18%; Domestic sales of bulldozers increased by 29% and export by 100%. In addition, it is understood that the use of high gloss black effect spray free materials in automobiles by major companies in the first two months of 2008 is good, and it is expected that major construction machinery companies can still achieve good performance in the first quarter of 2008

however, what the capital market helps us use this equipment field correctly is mainly the future expectation. Various macroeconomic indicators published in the previous two months show that macro tightening has become a reality, and the investment in new projects invested by fixed capital has declined year-on-year, which will affect the demand growth of the domestic market for construction machinery products in the future

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