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The future development of wind turbines must focus on specialization and refinement

Sinovel wind power has a higher and more stable adhesion with the wall. The wind turbine prototype with a single unit capacity of 6MW will be offline in June this year, which will make China the second country after Germany to independently produce a single unit capacity of 6MW. At the same time, Goldwind technology, another domestic wind turbine manufacturing giant, also plans to complete the overall design and detailed design of components and parts of 6MW permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine in 2011, and complete the installation of the first prototype before the end of June 2012

therefore, the report on investment analysis and Prospect Forecast of China's wind power industry in issued by CIC consultants points out that the large-scale wind power plant has always been considered as a major direction for the future development of concrete mixing plants in the domestic wind power equipment industry. Under this background, major domestic wind turbine manufacturers have accelerated the research and development of large-scale wind turbines (above 5MW) in recent years, Try to seize the commanding height of the future competition in the wind turbine equipment industry. Sinovel wind power and Goldwind technology, two leading enterprises in the domestic wind turbine industry, both plan to complete the R & D and prototype installation of 6MW wind turbines in the past two years, which directly promotes the acceleration of the trend of large-scale domestic wind turbines

lishengmao, senior researcher of CIC consulting, pointed out that the focus of domestic wind farm construction is gradually shifting from land to sea, which is the main reason why domestic wind turbine enterprises are more and more optimistic about large wind turbines. At present, most areas with abundant onshore wind resources in China have built wind farms or have clear construction plans, so the market demand growth of about 1.5MW wind turbines favored by onshore wind farms will slow down in the next few years. At present, the construction of domestic offshore wind farms is rising, and the natural conditions of offshore wind farms determine that large-scale offshore dedicated wind opportunities are increasingly welcomed by project owners

lishengmao believes that when developing large-scale fans, domestic fan manufacturers must give consideration to the high-quality and professional products of the best fan products that they buy from the manufacturer. The eastern coastal area is suitable for the construction of offshore wind farms. With the increasing expansion of the construction scale of domestic offshore wind farms, it is undeniable that wind turbine enterprises with the first mover advantage in the research and development of large-scale offshore dedicated wind turbines have more opportunities to obtain competitive advantages in this process, but the premise is that the quality of wind turbines can be guaranteed

ZhangYanlin, research director of CIC, pointed out that wind turbine manufacturing is an advanced large-scale equipment manufacturing industry. In order to make a breakthrough in the large-scale wind turbine, wind turbine manufacturers need to develop and implement the technology to achieve the world's first-class level in product quality, material consumption, energy consumption and "three wastes" emission and improve the manufacturing process; On the other hand, it also needs the collaborative support of upstream key parts enterprises of wind turbines. However, the current domestic key parts enterprises of wind turbines can not meet the needs of large-scale machine, which is precisely a major obstacle to the current large-scale domestic wind turbines. Before the key parts and components industry of domestic wind turbine has not realized large-scale, the large-scale parts and components procurement system of wind turbine enterprises is bound to be unstable, which is a big test for the quality of large-scale wind turbines

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