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Future development of polyester bottle chips

at present, the fiber polyester market is seriously oversupplied and the production is at a loss. At the same time, with the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of carbonated drinks, mineral water and tea drinks has increased rapidly, and the demand for polyester bottle chips has increased significantly. Many polyester factories have turned their attention to this potential market

since the middle of February this year, the price of polyester chips for fiber has fallen faster. By the end of April, the production of large polyester chips will lose more than 800 yuan/ton. In sharp contrast to fiber polyester, the profit margin of bottle polyester is increasing. According to the price of PTA and eg delivered to the factory at the end of April this year, the production cost of water bottle tablets is 7500 ~ 7800 yuan/ton, the profit level is 2500 ~ 4000 yuan/ton, and the industry average profit level is about 3000 yuan/ton. Carbonated beverage bottle tablets and hot filling bottle tablets are more expensive and profitable. Compared with polyester for fiber, the investment heat of polyester bottle chips is formed late, and there is still a large gap at present. Bottle polyester has developed slowly in the past two years. Its annual production capacity has only increased by 40000 tons since 1999. At present, the domestic annual production capacity is only 410000 tons. In recent years, the development of China's beverage industry has been growing at an average annual rate of 20%. In 1999, the demand for polyester bottle chips in China's beverage industry, Baijiu industry, namely Akv and edible oil industry, was about 450000 tons, increased to 550000 tons in 2000, and increased to 650000 tons in 2001, with a gap of about 240000 tons. In terms of domestic polyester bottle chip capacity, the market is seriously in short supply, and its use will continue to expand. At present, more polyester beer bottles are developed to replace glass bottles. In 2000, China's beer consumption reached 23.13 million tons. If 10% ~ 15% of beer bottles were converted to polyester bottles, 3.1 billion ~ 5billion polyester beer bottles would be required, and the demand for polyester bottle chips would increase by 225000 ~ 375000 tons. Due to the shortcomings of glass bottles such as high quality and explosive, it is a development trend for polyester bottles to gradually enter the beer bottle market. Of course, the use of polyester bottles in beer packaging is still in the stage of research and improvement, and has not been widely promoted. Potential risks should be considered while investing

it is estimated that the demand for bottle polyester in China will rise to 800000 tons in 2002. Therefore, the enterprises in the polyester industry are optimistic about the production of bottle polyester, and their willingness to invest has been significantly enhanced. As a result, part of the investment enthusiasm of polyester enterprises has turned to the production of polyester bottle chips, and the production of polyester bottle chips has been changed through the transformation of fiber polyester devices. At the same time, the beverage industry and the liquor industry also began to invest in bottle polyester in order to provide self-sufficiency. In order to occupy the market first, some weak enterprises only use SSP tackifier. It is the oversupply of fiber polyester, the serious losses in the industry, and the current shortage of bottle polyester. In the process of injection molding, the profits are rich, and the demand is growing rapidly, which is optimistic about the future market. Therefore, they have launched one after another, forming the current investment fever of bottle polyester

at present, there are 12 bottle polyester chip manufacturers in China, with a total annual capacity of 404000 tons. From 1995 to 2000, the domestic PET bottle chip gap was solved by importing. Although there is a certain gap in the polyester bottle chip market, there are many projects under construction, planned to be built and planned to be built, some of which can be put into production in the near future. It is estimated that by the end of this year, China's polyester bottle chip production capacity will reach more than 1.22 million tons/year. In addition, some small enterprises switched to bottle preforms when the production of fiber polyester was at a loss. These bottle blanks are finally produced into polyester bottle chips after tackifying by township enterprises. Therefore, the capacity under construction (including transformation) and planned to be built will still increase significantly. It is estimated that China's pet bottle chip production capacity will still be in a high growth period in 2002 and 2003

it is predicted that the domestic market demand for polyester bottle chips will not exceed 800000 tons in 2002. If the polyester technology for beer bottles cannot be greatly expanded, it will be very difficult for the annual demand of polyester for beer bottles in China to exceed 1million tons in 2003. At present, although the polyester technology for beer bottles has been industrialized in Britain, the price of polyester for beer bottles will be expensive due to technical confidentiality. Therefore, the use of polyester in beer bottles cannot be popularized in China in recent years. In recent years, if the above projects under construction are put into operation as scheduled, the production capacity of polyester bottle chips will reach more than 1.2 million tons by the end of this year. It is unnecessary to consider that new production capacity will be put into operation in 2002, when the market will be saturated. Therefore, it can be predicted that the supply of polyester bottle chip market has exceeded the demand for a long time, and the polyester bottle chip market will soon be like the fiber polyester market. This is not so much an investment opportunity for polyester bottle chips as a risk

therefore, it is called upon not to turn the flocking of polyester investment into bottle polyester in the depression of fiber polyester, which will lead to excessive investment and disorderly development of bottle polyester, which is not beneficial to the country or enterprises. It is hoped that enterprises will weigh more opportunities and risks when making decisions. Suggestions:

pay attention to the development of the total amount and adjust the product structure. Polyester bottle chip investors should be cautious in their decision-making by 2014, do a good job of market capacity research, and do not blindly turn their attention to bottle polyester when the fiber polyester is in recession. At present, this kind of attention has caused bottle polyester to embark on the old road of overheating fiber polyester investment, and the excessive supply of bottle polyester is not far off. Even if investment is required, flexible devices should be considered as much as possible in equipment selection. According to market conditions, polyester for bottle and polyester for fiber can be produced, which will have greater flexibility and greatly reduce investment risk. It is necessary for new enterprises to make a good positioning of product grade. The old bottle polyester enterprises should adjust the product structure, try to avoid the highly competitive water bottle chip market, and increase the product development funds, so that the enterprises can obtain a certain market share in hot filling bottles, large capacity bottles, one piece bottles, and polyester for injection blowing cosmetic bottles with relatively high added value

to improve product quality and obtain Cola certification, product quality and quality are the life of enterprises, and polyester bottle chip manufacturers are no exception. Quality and quality are the chips for polyester bottle chip manufacturers to participate in the competition, especially when the surplus of polyester bottle chip is not far away, we should pay more attention to the improvement of quality. It has clear fine grain wear marks. In the field of polyester bottle chips, the quality of products depends on their market access certification (certification of Coca Cola and Pepsi). When the domestic polyester bottle chip market is faced with surplus, it is particularly important to prepare for export before the real surplus. Obtaining the certification of Coca Cola and Pepsi is also the most effective way to prepare for export. Passing the certification of Coca Cola and Pepsi is equivalent to obtaining the export license

while the production capacity of bottle polyester is increasing, it is necessary to strengthen the quality and health publicity and management of Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Wahaha, robust, Nongfu mountain spring and other brand beverages that occupy most of the domestic beverage market. It is required that the transparency and acetaldehyde content of the polyester bottles used must have reliable quality assurance. However, in order to reduce the packaging cost, many bottle blowing enterprises and beverage manufacturing enterprises do not hesitate to sacrifice people's health. They use a large number of fiber bright polyester chips, polyester bottle chip basic materials and imported recycled waste bottle chips with insufficient transparency and low strength, and the acetaldehyde content exceeds the standard. Therefore, it is suggested that while the production capacity of bottle polyester chips is growing rapidly and the price is gradually decreasing, bottle blowing and beverage enterprises should be vigorously promoted and guided to use bottle polyester with hygienic standards. At the same time, it calls on the national industrial and commercial, health and technical supervision and administration departments to strengthen management to prevent the fiber bright polyester chips and recycled waste bottle chips that fail to meet the health standards from flowing into the edible polyester bottle market

appropriately increase R & D investment and pay attention to the development of polyester in the wine packaging market. Wine bottle is a potential big market. Due to the shortcomings of glass bottle, such as high quality, fragile and explosive, it is a development trend for polyester bottle to gradually enter the wine bottle market. At present, China's polyester has entered the field of white wine bottle packaging. Although it still accounts for a relatively small market share of white wine bottles, it is expected that the market share of polyester in the field of Baijiu packaging will increase significantly with the production line of Wuliangye with an annual output of 150000 tons of polyester bottles and chips put into operation. The beer bottle market is a potential huge bottle polyester consumer market, and polyester bottles will become the protagonist of the beer bottle Market in the future. Bottle polyester production enterprises should pay close attention to the development of polyester beer bottle technology, and pay close attention to the development of consumption tendency of polyester white wine bottle market

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