The future direction of C language teaching in the

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The future direction of C language teaching in the College of machinery and electronics

course construction is a long-term task, which must be constantly grasped. The course team will continue to plan the course construction, and strive to build C language programming into a national excellent course

1 objective

(1) in the next five years, we will continue to make efforts to strengthen the construction of C language programming course, adhere to teaching reform, continuously improve teaching quality, take the national excellent course as the goal, build C language programming course in all aspects, actively give play to the role of this course in quality education, and at the same time play an exemplary role in the construction of other courses as the number of use increases, At the same time, it also lays a good foundation for the construction of provincial experimental demonstration centers

(2) in terms of the construction of the teaching staff, in recent years, a team of teachers with more reasonable age, professional title and educational background structure, further improved teaching quality, professionalism and selfless dedication, and loyal to the party's educational cause has been formed. At the same time, the number of people striving for high professional titles, high education and high skills is increasing

(3) in terms of textbook construction, the key work is to carefully study the newly published textbooks at home and abroad, compare and study the similar textbooks at home and abroad, gradually carry out intensive language teaching, and constantly sum up experience and Exploration on the basis of practice

(4) great efforts have been made in teaching content, teaching system, teaching methods and the construction of materials introduced by Zhai Guangjing, executive vice president of Anhui Plastics Association. Combine traditional teaching methods with computer-assisted instruction, emphasize the application of C language programming, and strive to achieve results

2 measures

(1) awareness raising: carefully study the document spirit of the construction of national excellent courses, further improve the consciousness and initiative of the construction of C language programming courses, and make every teacher clear about their responsibilities and direction of efforts

(2) teaching staff: Teachers' aerogel is the main part of the construction planning of C language programming course. Then it is sealed with nail polish. A relatively stable teaching staff with good professional quality, high professional level, academic level and selfless dedication must be established. Therefore, it is necessary to train young teachers in a planned way, send them to study at home and abroad, absorb new knowledge and continuously improve their professional level, Carry out academic exchanges and increase the reserve force of the course

(3) classroom teaching and extra-curricular teaching: in terms of the quality of classroom teaching, the University of technology insists on carrying out regular teaching and research activities, collective lesson preparation, mutual lectures, collective discussion, discussion, etc., so as to continuously improve the quality of classroom teaching. Insist on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and encourage students to actively participate in various electrical production competitions. After class, a fixed-time tutoring and question answering system shall be implemented

(4) teaching means: use modern teaching means to continuously develop multimedia courseware suitable for our school, as well as the discussion on resource teaching and question answering

(5) teaching and scientific research: first of all, we should do a good job in the existing topics, strive to explore the intersection and penetration of program design and geology, geophysical prospecting, hydrology, surveying, economics, management, chemistry, biology, materials and other disciplines, and then carry out multi-faceted cooperative research to raise our scientific research and teaching and research projects to a higher level

(6) practically strengthen the construction of C language programming auxiliary teaching materials, strong language teaching, experimental courses and curriculum design teaching materials, and build a good archives and open parts laboratory

after years of practice, this teaching reform has achieved good results. I believe that through unremitting efforts, the construction level of C language programming course will be further improved, and will certainly achieve better results

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