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The future of the printing industry: "digital, green, creative, technology"

at present, the printing market is in a period of great change. The changes of digital media, e-books, Internet and social relations will have a great impact on the printing industry. The increasing environmental awareness of the international community and consumers has also put forward new requirements for the printing industry. However, the problems of how the traditional printing industry can catch up with the current high-tech express and how to establish a new business model that can be developed are always puzzling contemporary printers. Today, the 2009 Shanghai International Printing week with the theme of the future of the printing market ended. However, the discussion on the future of the printing market will not stop

digital printing creates new market space

one of the highlights of Shanghai International Printing week is the special zone for digital printing. It is noted that the increasingly mature digital printing technology has been transferred to the stage of market application

a staff member of a digital printing company told us that many books beyond the copyright protection period can be reproduced successfully and accurately as long as the digital printing system is used. Compared with the traditional plate making and printing line, there is a low threshold for digital printing of 600 books. For some professional and academic books with small circulation, it avoids the waste of excessive printing

at the exhibition, high school information technology published by East China Normal University Press attracted the attention of many multimedia. Because this new textbook with uniform ink color and accurate overprint is a trial version, the content needs to be improved. The publishing house has adopted digital printing, making it the first textbook printed with digital printing technology in China

digital printing is not only changing the pattern of the printing market, but also constantly exploring and creating new market space, bringing a new printing concept to the printing industry

this exhibition, for the first time, infiltrated the concept of digital printing into wedding, photography, catering, chain and other industries through a fair. In the exhibition area jointly established by Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yicai digital graphic Co., Ltd., I personally experienced a personalized and convenient digital printing service. The photos taken on the spot were designed and typeset by software, and finally printed by the digital printer after the democratic meeting. It took only a quarter of an hour. Ms. pan from Kemei told us that the development of personalized photo album market has brought digital printing into the lives of ordinary people

for the zero inventory business model proposed by publishing, andreutcroft, director of the research center of Stirling University, UK, said that this has brought opportunities to traditional printing enterprises. The market will be re integrated in the transformation. Digital printing will not replace traditional printing, but will only create new market space

green printing has a long way to go

in the 1980s, European and American countries took the lead in advocating the concept of green printing. At the future high-level forum of the printing market hosted by Shanghai Publishing Bureau and undertaken by Shanghai Publishing Education Training Center, Julia offord, a British MacLean associates company, said that green printing is guiding and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the global printing industry with its strong influence

in foreign countries, as early as june2000, Britain legislated to prohibit the printing of food packaging films with solvent based inks. It is understood that 60% of the printed matter in the UK is printed with alcohol free or alcohol less ink. The US environmental protection administration strongly opposes the use of solvent based inks. Flexographic water-based inks are the only non-toxic inks approved by the US Food and Drug Association, and are widely used in the packaging and printing of food and drugs. Julia Orford also said that major printing customers in Europe have environmental requirements for printing companies, including equipment, treatment process and implementation. Only when we deal with environmental protection, we are most likely to obtain customers' business

at this trade fair, visitors can also see the printing materials produced by printing enterprises using environmentally friendly materials and inks and environmentally friendly processes. However, it is understood that under the current situation that publishers have little profit, the industry's appeal for the implementation and use of environmentally friendly paper and ink still needs the support of the national industrial policy, such as tax incentives or compulsory implementation in the publishing and distribution industry. In this regard, Shanghai has taken the lead. More than 500 primary and secondary schools in the city have put into pilot use recycled paper printed environmental protection textbooks

creativity enhances the added value of traditional printing

creativity is the future theme of the printing market. At this fair, the audience can see all kinds of three-dimensional children's books and electronic children's books with exquisite printing and different shapes, as well as sophisticated packaging color boxes, stationery sets, handbags, etc., which are the best combination of creativity and printing

at the 2009 Shanghai International Printing week creative design and printing fair jointly organized by Shanghai Publishing and Printing College and the school of publishing, printing and art design of Shanghai University of technology, experts agreed that the development of cultural and creative industries is not only of great significance to promoting domestic printing demand, but also that printing enterprises' active participation and involvement in cultural and creative industries can change the division of labor in low value-added processing, Realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. For example, relying on its strong technical strength and experience advantages, Yachang uses high-tech reproduction means to carry out limited high simulation reproduction and development of art resources around the world. At present, it has developed more than 2000 pieces of ancient famous calligraphic and painting works, modern famous calligraphic and painting works, contemporary famous calligraphic and painting works and western classic oil painting series. The carton packaging structure design of Xingguang printing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has been successful in today's market, which has improved the corporate and product image, increased the added value of products, and increased the market competitiveness of products in the future around the different demands for special metal materials in different industry segments

high and new technology will promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional printing.

scientific and technological innovation is a strong driving force for the development of the printing industry. At this fair, the audience saw the printing and reproduction products produced with high and new technology: tickets for the Beijing Olympic Games and Blu ray discs produced domestically. The two seminars on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and industrial development trends have attracted great attention from the industry

it is learned that RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology realized by using RF technology. In recent years, RFID application pilot projects involve electronic ticket and identification, animal tracking/food, drug safety supervision, industrial production management/coal mine safety production, electronic customs clearance and road and bridge charging, intelligent transportation and vehicle management, supply chain management and modern logistics, dangerous goods and military materials management, valuables anti-counterfeiting, ticket and major urban activities management, books and important documents management Digital scenic spots and tourism, etc

in the national radio frequency identification industrialization (Shanghai) base, we can see that as long as readers select a book with RFID tag from the bookshelf, they can browse all the information of the book immediately through the application software, so as to decide whether to borrow the book. It is very convenient and fast

Ding FA, the former director of the business printing factory, now works in Jisu smart label Co., Ltd. he told that RFID needs to be packaged and manufactured by printing enterprises. The expanding RFID pilot will bring huge business opportunities to printing enterprises, and will also promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional printing industry

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