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I learned from many decoration owners that there will be some regrets more or less after the decoration, and many friends who decorate for the first time will also take a lot of wrongs. Wall construction belongs to the basic level, and it is also very critical to do a good job in the construction of the basic level in the future decoration. In order to ensure that the wall looks safe and beautiful, what Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian wants to share with the owners today is the precautions for wall construction

precautions for wall construction first, slotting

when transforming water pipes and wires, it is necessary to slot on the wall

when slotting, do not throw horizontally, but vertically, because the horizontal throwing will cause great damage to the wall, and the seismic resistance and strength will be greatly damaged. You can only throw vertically, and the length of the horizontal throwing cannot exceed 3-5 cm. If the groove is deep, it is easy to touch the reinforcement in the wall and cut it off. If the groove is shallow, it will be easy to bulge in the future

precautions for Wall Construction II. Materials

materials are the basis of decoration, and considerable attention should be paid to selection and preservation

first of all, we should pay attention to whether there is any cheating behavior, or we should hand over the materials provided by the company, and then fill the blank with other purchased materials. Once there is a problem, the maintenance and after-sales will be involved. In addition, materials are placed by category to avoid pollution. Regular decoration companies generally place the project schedule and supporting tools in a prominent position, and the decoration site is also relatively clean. Decoration materials should be placed in categories, and materials that are easy to pollute each other should be placed separately

precautions for wall construction 3. Crack prevention

wall construction runs through the whole process of house decoration

if there is woodwork or modeling of the wall, it will enter in the early stage of construction. If it's just paint painting, the operation will start in the middle and late stage. However, for the construction of the wall, the painting often goes through many processes, such as puttying, polishing, painting top coat, primer and so on. If it is not carried out in strict accordance with the construction specifications, if the painting is not in place, or if the next process is carried out without waiting for the previous process to dry out, it is easy to have wall cracks, cracks and other phenomena

in addition, in terms of material preservation, the placement of materials should not change the physical properties of materials, cause mutual pollution of materials, cause deformation of materials, cause potential safety hazards, or cause package damage. For example, ceramic tiles cannot be placed on sand and cement, and barrels with paint and coating can not be placed on plates





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