McDonald's app is finally going to push mobile ord

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McDonald's app is finally going to push mobile orders and payment functions.

the days when customers rush to buy Big Macs at the McDonald's front desk are about to pass

McDonald's has finally caught up with the pace of modern society and began to test mobile applications. Customers can order meals or take out in the store through mobile applications

last Wednesday, 29 McDonald's restaurants in Monterey and Salinas, California announced that customers can order and pay for meals through mobile apps

McDonald's plans to extend the application test to 51 restaurants in Spokane, Washington, followed by a total of 14000 restaurants in the United States, and to about 6000 chain stores in Canada, China, Britain, France, Germany and Australia by the end of the year

for a fast-food giant like McDonald's, it's not as easy as it sounds to finalize the logistics of ordering and paying with mobile apps

Jim sapington, vice president of McDonald's operations, digital and technology business, said that this technology has transformed the kitchen to adapt to the accelerating order flow and provide a "undoubtedly better" customer experience

McDonald's takes into account all aspects, such as the preparation time of preparing food to prevent the food from getting cold, and ensuring that car owners will not cause congestion due to waiting for orders

sapington said, "we cannot affect the speed and quality of food production (due to mobile phone ordering)." ; id=310& c_ id=33& o_ id=& lanmu=12





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