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Many franchisees are interested in this promising industry, but behind the hot status of joining the integrated wall, there are many bad enterprises planning one scam after another. How to avoid the scam of joining the integrated wall

as a new decorative product, the bamboo wood fiber integrated wall perfectly replaces the traditional decoration with its various advantages, and the integrated wall panel brand has also mushroomed and developed rapidly. Many franchisees are interested in this promising industry, but behind this hot joining integrated wall state, there are many bad enterprises laying out scams one after another. Our Tuscan integrated wall panel dealers have even been cheated by joining other manufacturers. Today, I will give you a popular science, how should franchisees avoid the integrated wall joining scam

first, we must conduct on-the-spot investigation

the integrated wallboard industry is still in the development stage. At this stage, the country has no unified standardized management, nor unified quality judgment standards. Therefore, for franchisees, no matter which channel they learn about this industry, they must make more investigation, and it is not enough to understand it only on the Internet! The network is virtual, and any cheater manufacturer can claim to be the largest integrated wallboard manufacturer in the country. Therefore, in order to avoid falling into the trap, we must conduct on-the-spot investigation on the manufacturer. It is better to investigate the storefronts of other exclusive stores

second, remember to stay awake and fight against false brands

integrated wall panel joining is a rising tide, and integrated wall manufacturers also have many brands, but most of them are just manufacturers boasting. I hereby suggest that franchisees not to pursue brands too much. If it is a real brand, it is OK. If it is a false brand, it will finally fall into the integrated wall joining scam, which can be described as losing your wife and losing your soldiers! So be practical, pay more attention to understanding the qualification, production base and technical guidance of integrated wallboard manufacturers, and make the right choice in combination with your own situation

III. pay attention to whether the manufacturer implements regional protection

regular integrated wall panel manufacturers generally carry out standardized system protection for the regional market. For example, Tuscany integrated wall implements a regional agency system and cooperates in the form of opening a franchise store. If a company will recruit multiple franchisees locally or in the same region, there is no doubt that it must have encountered the integrated wall joining scam. In this case, You can directly consider other brands. After all, the capacity of a market is limited. There are too many franchisees in the same market, and the later operation must be impossible

IV. after deciding to join, pay careful attention to contract loopholes

presumably, no matter how much you consider, the final foothold for every franchisee will be in price. Indeed, price has a competitive advantage, but low price alone cannot survive in the market for a long time, but there are still many integrated wallboard swindlers who take advantage of the weakness of franchisees to set loopholes in the contract. As a result, after signing the contract, The agreed ex factory price has become the market price, and the agreed delivery time has been delayed. The joining scam exists in every process of joining. Therefore, after determining the joining, the franchisee should still remain sober and not be blinded by the contract loopholes

the main points about how to avoid the integrated wall joining scam are the above. No matter the franchisees who have been cheated or the intended franchisees who want to start a business, in the future investment and joining, they must remain rational, not covet immediate interests and lose more wealth. If you are unable to judge the scam, you can also consult the editor

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