Profits in Siemens Healthcare devices fell 24

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According to the first quarter financial report of fiscal year 2011 released by Siemens, the profit of Siemens Medical and health equipment department decreased by 24%, and Siemens' net profit increased by 15% in this quarter due to the positive impact of new orders and the sharp increase in demand in emerging markets

Siemens said that in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011, the company's operating revenue reached 1.75 billion euros (about US $2.4 billion), compared with 1.53 billion euros (about US $2.08 billion) in the same period last year. The company is steadily moving towards the goal of annual operating revenue

Siemens said that the total amount of new orders reached 22.59 billion euros (about US $30.7 billion), an increase of 19%; Affected by favorable foreign exchange fluctuations, operating revenue increased by 12% to 19.49 billion euros (about 26.49 billion US dollars). The first quarter of fiscal year 2011 was the third consecutive quarter in which Siemens achieved double growth in total orders and operating revenue of all three business units, with the highest increase in emerging markets, reaching 31%

the markets with the fastest growth in total orders were Asia and Australia, up 55%, and from the Americas - orders increased by 23% in May 2014. Among the three business units of Siemens - industrial, energy and medical and health equipment, the energy equipment department was driven by large orders in the field of fossil power generation, with the fastest performance growth of 27%

in this quarter, Siemens' operating profit increased by 6% to 2.23 billion euros (about US $3.03 billion). Siemens said that the transaction revenue from the sale of the information technology department to ATOS origin of France was 136 million euros ($185 million), while the special employee incentive plan allocated 261 million euros ($355 million) to employees

Peter Loescher, chief executive officer of Siemens flexible packaging requirements, said: Siemens' current performance is very good, and we are fully confident to achieve the annual goal of fiscal year 2011. Siemens aims to increase the number of new orders and the revenue from continuing operations by at least 25% to 35% over last year

Siemens is expected to maintain its growth in November 2010

although ing analyst Axel funhoff pointed out that the profit of Siemens' medical and health equipment division fell 24% to 381 million euros ($519 million), Siemens's current profit situation has not deviated from its market expectations, including automatic detection

Siemens said that partly affected by the rise in functional costs, the order growth rate of the medical and health equipment department was 10%, the lowest among the three business units

van Hoff further said: Overall, Siemens has achieved good financial performance, and the significantly higher than expected order growth shows that Siemens is moving forward at full speed


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