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Taiwan polyester factory wants to take advantage of the price rise of polyester granules for bottles in the United States to turn loss into profit

pure terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (eg), raw materials for polyester production, have soared. Polyester manufacturers in North America have decided to significantly increase the quotation of polyester granules and polyester cotton for bottles next month. Bottle ester granules will rise by 88 dollars per metric ton and polyester cotton by 10 dollars per metric ton. Our goal is to cooperate to establish a center for automotive carbon fiber composites in Wuhu, with an increase of nearly 5% per month. Taiwan's chemical fiber industry pointed out that if American manufacturers succeed in raising prices, manufacturers are expected to follow up, and Taiwan's Polyester factories will have the opportunity to turn losses into profits

however, South Asian plastic, new fiber, Yuanfang and other manufacturers of ester granules for bottles believe that as the peak season of the beverage industry has gradually come to an end, the price of ester granules for Bote bottles will be significantly increased at this time, fearing that there may be thunder and rain. The chemical fiber industry said that due to the loose supply of polyester products, the inter-bank price war has been extremely fierce. Internationally, except for a few manufacturers who can make profits, the vast majority of manufacturers have been at a loss in the past five years

as for polyester cotton to be increased by $100, Taiwan's chemical fiber industry is not highly recognized. The industry emphasized that the production focus of polyester cotton is now in Chinese Mainland. The mainland polyester cotton industry now adopts the strategy of pricing by volume, reducing the operating rate, reducing the supply volume and raising the price. The downstream fabric factories even suffer serious losses. It may be difficult for the polyester cotton industry to talk about the price rise

the vast majority of chemical fiber manufacturers have lost money in the past five years, mainly due to the sharp rise in particle PTA, eg, etc. of oxidative wear (chemical wear or corrosion). The growth of polyester products in the downstream can not keep up with the growth of raw materials. Most chemical fiber plants can only absorb costs by themselves and operate hard

source of information: Taiwan's economy

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