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In early February, the new project of national regional ambient air quality monitoring station officially began bidding. The bidding is divided into three packages, with an amount of 87 million, of which 8 in order to minimize the impact of liquid on the stiffness of the whole machine, 3.47 million purchased 65 sets of ambient air quality automatic monitoring instruments and equipment, and 3.53 million purchased data transmission audit, analysis and evaluation platform software and other services, And all requirements are domestic

recently, the bid winning of the project for different types of machines was announced as scheduled. Two domestic instrument companies in the field of environmental monitoring, pioneer environmental protection and spotlight technology, won the procurement package of automatic ambient air quality monitoring instruments and equipment in the north and South with 39.8699 million yuan and 25.9881 million yuan respectively

in recent years, haze weather has occurred frequently in China, which has directly affected the health and daily life of ordinary people. The Chinese government has paid great attention to this and accelerated the construction of ambient air monitoring stations throughout the country. In this process, a variety of policies and measures have been issued to encourage and support the development, promotion and application of domestic environmental monitoring instrument technology. In a series of major ambient air monitoring instrument bidding projects in the past two years, domestic monitoring instrument brands have frequently appeared on the stage of government monitoring institutions, and domestic monitoring instrument manufacturing enterprises such as spotlight technology, pioneer environmental protection and Chevron have also developed and expanded

correspondingly, domestic scientific research institutions have also made great breakthroughs in environmental monitoring technology, and some atmospheric fine particle monitoring technology has reached the international advanced level. For example, the atmospheric fine particle monitoring equipment developed by Anhui Institute of Optics and mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been applied in batches to key units such as the automatic monitoring of urban air quality of the Ministry of environmental protection, key areas and urban atmospheric haze monitoring super stations

according to Liu Jianguo, a researcher at Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, "In the past, the core equipment for atmospheric fine particle monitoring in China was mainly imported from the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, and the domestic equipment is far from meeting the actual work needs in terms of variety, quantity, performance and quality. After the industrialization of the technical achievements of Anhui Institute of optics and mechanics, the situation that high-end environmental monitoring equipment has been dependent on imports for a long time has been broken, and at least two-thirds of the domestic atmospheric fine particle monitoring equipment has been localized 。”

in 2016, the national development and Reform Commission launched the implementation of a new capacity-building project for MTS displacement sensors in the field of environmental protection, formerly known as temposonics. Next, it will focus on the construction of national engineering laboratories such as advanced technology and equipment for atmospheric environmental pollution monitoring, flue gas multi pollutant control technology and equipment, volatile organic pollutants pollution control technology and equipment, and mobile source pollution emission control technology, Comprehensively promote the improvement of the ability to prevent and control atmospheric environmental pollution

of course, we also admit that there are still some difficulties in the promotion and application of domestic environmental monitoring instruments, and many users have doubts and distrust about domestic instruments. However, we also believe that with the encouragement and support of relevant national policies, the technological innovation and application promotion of domestic monitoring instruments will "change with each passing day". Let's wait and see

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