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Jiaxing: from packaging inspection to quality integrity packaging, the melon market has become prosperous.

in the early summer, a large number of melons began to appear on the market in Jiaxing fruit wholesale market. Melons such as "Elizabeth", "ximoloto" and "Emerald" from suburbs, Jiashan, Shanghai and other places are constantly sent to all parts of East China from here. An operator happily told: the guide pipe connecting the automatic feeding turntable "now the melon in the market is not only packaged in a standard way, but also of high quality, and the price is getting better year by year."

timing belt and reducer, his words are not without meaning. Because just three years ago, melons in the fruit market once suffered a heavy credit crisis due to "problem packaging", which also caused melon prices to fall again and again. Since then, the market management department has carried out the "integrity self rescue action". After long-term and continuous rectification, the wind of integrity management finally returned to the market

once: 10 kilograms of melon packaging accounted for twoorthree kilograms

I learned that the "packaging problem" was that some dishonest fruit farmers stuffed wet cardboard, cement board, gypsum board, thick straw rope and other things into the fruit box when packaging melons, so as to increase the overall weight. A box of melons packed in one layer can be increased by 1 kg after being padded with a filler. If it is a melon packed in two layers, it can even be increased by twoorthree kg

an operator said that it was the operators in the market who directly suffered from adulteration on the packaging box. "Because of the nonstandard fruit packaging, we are at a disadvantage in dealing with fruit sellers. Melon has also depreciated all the way, from the initial 3 yuan per kilogram to the later 1 yuan per kilogram. The price is completely chaotic."

now: the performance of integrity management is getting better day by day

I learned that last year, a Hangzhou businessman came to the fruit market management office and left a rather heavy letter, which not only directly pointed to the black hole of packaging fraud in the fruit market, but also expressed concern about the healthy development of the market

in order to recover the losses caused by the loss of integrity, the market management department has formulated the weight regulations and management regulations related to fruit boxes. At the same time, the market has implemented the system of quasi Wobbe, who once served as the chief technical officer and management director of Engel group, strictly inspect every truck entering the market, and reject all fruits with "problematic packaging" to eliminate the dead corners of accumulated plastic

according to the interview, the fruit wholesale market after experiencing the "integrity crisis" has effectively curbed the problem of "problem fruit boxes". A business owner even said what everyone said: "in the past, fruit sellers first checked the packaging when purchasing goods, and now the first consideration is the quality of fruits. The price of fruits is better every year, which first stems from the strict rectification of the market and the integrity management advocated."

information source: Jiaxing circulation field reassurance engineering information

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