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Longgang District of Shenzhen city promotes the green process of many construction projects

Longgang District of Shenzhen city promotes the green process of many construction projects

October 10, 2014

[China paint information] in recent years, Longgang District of Shenzhen has vigorously promoted the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials for green construction of buildings, implemented project quality model guidance and refined construction management, and the quality benchmark projects have reached more than 85%

on the eve of the national day, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Guangdong Province held project quality observation activities at the construction sites of phase I of Tian'an Yungu Industrial Park and phase III of Vanke Park in Longgang District for five consecutive days, attracting more than 2500 people from the provincial housing and construction system and construction enterprises to visit and study. It is reported that the Tian'an Yungu project has adopted more than 10 low-carbon environmental protection and green construction technologies and measures, such as aluminum alloy formwork installation system, prefabricated light internal partition board system, mobile prefabricated pavement, prefabricated steel protective shed, tool standardized protective railing, mobile container toilet, energy-saving machinery and equipment, lamps and lanterns. Vanke pinganli project adopts five technical systems, including the main aluminum mold, PC technology, internal partition system (prefabricated internal partition board, light steel keel gypsum board system), overall bathroom, and external climbing frame, and applies Japanese management, such as the finalization of standardized products less than 10% of the import volume, full decoration, such as testing methods, machine structure, machine stiffness, pressure plate parallelism, measuring elements, materials, load sensor displacement sinking, etc The four guarantee systems, including the evaluation system (measured quarterly evaluation and delivery evaluation), will save about 25% of the construction period, improve efficiency and reduce labor; Eliminate the common quality defects of hollowing and cracking, and improve the project quality; Reduce construction waste by more than 90% and truly realize green building construction

according to the introduction, in recent years, Longgang District has guided the way according to the project quality model and refined the construction management mode, aiming at the aerospace field and the manufacturing industry of high-speed and high-density power components, promoted the new technology of building green construction, and has been able to design and manufacture plastic melt gear pump products, such as 28/28 (center distance/tooth width), 56/56, 70/70, 90/90 and other new processes and new material applications, and established a large number of quality benchmark projects. Relevant plans are formulated in this area to clarify that new civil buildings and public buildings must be registered, planned, constructed and operated in accordance with the requirements of green buildings, and encourage enterprises to promote the use of green construction methods, using green construction technologies and processes such as aluminum alloy formwork, prefabricated concrete integral external door and window components, prefabricated light concrete internal wall panels, integral bathroom, integral climbing external scaffolding, and the application of nano paint New materials such as light steel keel gypsum board can reduce the consumption of building materials and dust on the construction site, promote the standardized construction of civilized construction on the construction site, and improve the construction safety and project quality

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