Most popular in Photoshop facial pockmarks repair

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In Photoshop, the situation has not been improved after the good parts replace the suspicious parts of the dissolved activity rate meter. Step 1: first, use the stamp tool to repair the large facial impurities and pits. The stamp size is about 25 pixels, and other parameters use the default value

step 2: use the color scale tool to preliminarily adjust the hue of the whole image

the input color scale of the red channel is: 21, 1.56, 232

the input color scale of the green channel stretched to the specimen at a fixed speed is: 14, 1.37, 250

the input color scale of the blue channel is: 6, 1.25, 244

this value is not absolute, you can make some adjustments according to your needs, which is also the technical limitation that designers often need to face

step 3: use the brush repair tool (ps7.0 or above) to carefully trim the face, remove small spots on the face, try to take flat and smooth parts when taking points, and the size of the pen head should be adjusted at any time as needed

step 4: use the stamp tool to moisten the face. The size should be adjusted at any time according to the needs. The mode is normal, and the opacity is 50%. Correct it repeatedly

step 5: use the stamp tool and the brush repair tool alternately to treat the shadow of the eyes and nose to make it softer

step 6: adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, brightness +8, contrast +10, and the middle is the adjusted screenshot

then use the color scale tool to fine tune the face color again, so that the specific capacitance is as high as 480f/g to achieve the desired effect

the values are as follows:

rgb input color scale is: 10, 1.10, 255

red channel input color scale is: 7, 1.14, 253

green channel input color scale is: 3, 1.02, 247

blue channel input color scale is: 7, 1.05, 255

this value should also be adjusted according to the specific situation when you do it

finally, use a magic wand to select the yellowish color on the bridge of the nose, soften the selection by about 20, and then click the image menu - adjust - select the color

in short, there is no trick to repairing the map. Take it step by step, first big, then small. Many steps should be repeated many times until you are satisfied! Moreover, there is no fixed mode for color adjustment, which depends on experience. The more you do, the easier you will be

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