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A man in Lianyungang keeps a dog to take care of the abducted woman police: it is a rumor

recently, it was reported that a man in Lianyungang keeps a dog to "take care of" the abducted woman. On the 8th, Lianyungang police reported that after investigation, the rumor is inconsistent with the facts and is false! At present, the blog has been deleted by the publisher

the Ganyu District Public Security Bureau of Lianyungang announced today that recently, a friend posted a blog post on Weibo saying that a man in banzhuang town of the district had a dog to "watch" the abducted woman. The local police attached great importance to this and immediately set up a working group to investigate in Zhao banzhuang village, banzhuang town. No abducted woman was found in Zhao's family. Zhao has a dog to take care of the newly built building 3 The material steel can also explain the house in this way, which is not passed on to take care of the abducted women

the police said that on March 7, the working group made a special trip to Sihong County, Suqian City to find Chen, the publisher of the blog, for face-to-face verification. According to Chen's method of introducing the preparation of bacteria, the content of this blog is provided by friends. It has been published without verification. I don't know the "situation" mentioned in the blog. Carbon fiber is mostly the preferred material. At present, Chen has taken the initiative to delete this blog post. At present, the working group is checking the reporter of the blog

here, the police remind the public that cyberspace is a public place, and cyberspace society is also a society ruled by law. People must abide by the law and stick to the "seven bottom lines". We must be careful when forwarding information, which needs to be repeatedly verified and screened before forwarding. It is illegal to forward rumors or false information at will

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