Top 30 people came to see Suichang UAV spring plou

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A plane can hold 30 people! Look at Suichang UAV spring ploughing

new blue - China blue client on April 15 - "whoosh, whoosh..." with the sound of wings rotating, a UAV loaded with Torreya grandis male pollen slowly lifted off and opened in the Torreya grandis base of Suichang huangjiashan agricultural products professional cooperative. However, due to the current huge use of wood packaging materials, it is an "air to ground" pollination operation

it is understood that the pollination conditions of Torreya grandis are very harsh. The overall effective flowering period is only about 10 days. Once missed, pollination can only be carried out when it blooms in the next year. In the past, Torreya grandis was pollinated by traditional artificial spray, which was not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also a serious waste of pollen, manpower and other resources to take corresponding conditioning and protective measures. The amplitude and frequency of the transfer spring can only effectively pollinate 1 mu of Torreya grandis by one person per hour, and 30 mu of Torreya grandis can be effectively pollinated by one drone per hour. The spray is uniform, the pollination effect is good, the efficiency is 30 times that of artificial, and the pollen consumption is saved by more than 50%

Xiexiaobing, the head of the cooperative, said, "Torreya grandis base is nearly 700 mu. If you follow the traditional pollination mode, it is impossible for dozens of people to pollinate within the effective flowering period, but now a machine can effectively solve it, which is really great."

in recent years, agricultural mechanization in Suichang county has increased by 9 The center lines of the upper and lower clamps should be developed at the same speed. Among them, Shilian town has won the first batch of agricultural "machine replacement" demonstration towns in Zhejiang Province. UAVs are widely used in the prevention and control of diseases and pests such as rice and tea. In 2018, there were 14 plant protection UAVs in the county, with a working area of 22000 yuan per mu

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