Hundreds of barrels of paint in the room of unit 1

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Hundreds of barrels of paint in the room of Anshun unit 1 fire department: move away as soon as possible

hundreds of barrels of paint in the room of Anshun unit 1 fire department: move away as soon as possible

September 1, 2015

[China paint information] on September 31, a resident of Taiping community in Anshun city called the station and said that the first floor housing of a building in Taiping community was changed into a warehouse with a large amount of paint in it. The daily import and export volume of these paints is more than 10 barrels. The 1st to 6th floors of the community are residential buildings, so it is very dangerous for residents to store a large number of inflammable and explosive things

come to Taiping community. Under the guidance of the residents of the community, we found a house on the first floor of unit 2 of 168 to store paint. About 120 square meters of housing, each room is densely stacked with about 200 barrels of paint and barrels, each barrel of paint weighs about 12 kg

"I live here myself, and my paint won't burn." Ms. Zeng, the paint owner, said that she has a shop in Taiping community, and the amount of paint stored in this warehouse will not be very large. "The test accuracy of my experimental machine will be higher and higher. It has been stored for more than two years, and there is no problem."

after consulting relevant insiders, we learned that paints and thinners are dangerous chemicals and should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated, heat insulated warehouses without direct sunlight. The fire resistance rating of the warehouse shall be grade I and II. All kinds of electrical equipment in the warehouse, such as lights, motors, electrical switches, etc., should be explosion-proof and cannot be mixed with ordinary materials. A sign of "no fireworks" shall be posted in a conspicuous place. If it is stored directly in residential buildings, there will be serious fire hazards, and it is very easy to cause malignant fire accidents of mass death and injury

report the situation to the fire department. If any step is ignored, 20 minutes later, the relevant person in charge of the fire brigade of Xixiu District rushed to Taiping small 4. Hammer handle strength testing machine: area. After the on-site inspection, the fire department asked Ms. Zeng to move the stored paint away from the residential area as soon as possible, and to find a warehouse that meets the specified conditions for storage. During this period, the housing storing paint on the first floor of unit 2 of 168 building must be powered off, and inspections must be strengthened to ensure that fire prevention measures are in place! Ms. Zeng said that the stored paint had been removed recently

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