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The rare edition of Song Dynasty ancient books "hundred family names" was quietly published in Chongqing

recently, the rare edition of Song Dynasty ancient books "hundred family names" was quietly published in Chongqing. On October 16, the author had the honor to witness the yellowed "hundred family names" collected by Mr. Liu of Xiushan Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Chongqing

the book is 22 cm long and 12 cm wide, and the yellow white rice paper is printed with Song Dynasty family names. The book contains 456 surnames of Zhao, Qian, sun, Li, Zhou, Wu, Zheng, Wang, etc., including 416 single surnames and 40 compound surnames. The book has 16 pages and 496 words. Next to the right side of each surname is the Tang Xun of the clan with his own surname, for example, the Tang Xun of the clan with his own surname Zhao is Tianshui Tang, and the Tang Xun of the clan with his own surname Qian is Pengcheng Tang

the rare book "hundred family names" is well preserved and of ordinary appearance. It is yellow white rice paper and bound with cotton thread. Due to its long history, there are many sweat stains and watermarks on it. After careful identification, the first page of the book is printed with the words of Xiuyi yushunxiang magazine, with a Song Dynasty red seal printed in stone and silver, and the last line of the last page is printed with the words of Baijiaxing end

liujiping, a senior folklore expert at Xiushan County Cultural Relics Management Office, after repeatedly identifying and comparing relevant cultural and historical materials, believes that the book should be a rare rare Song Dynasty ancient book since the Northern Song Dynasty, with a history of no less than 800 years

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the reporter saw that

who created "hundred family names"

who created "hundred family names"? When did it take shape? When will it be published? According to the research of scholars in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, "hundred family names" existed before the Song Dynasty. In the early Song Dynasty, it was bound into a volume by an unknown Confucian scholar located in Wu and Yue areas

it is verified that "hundred family names" is a kind of elementary school textbook with the longest popularity and the widest circulation in China. Its completion and popularization are earlier than the "Three Character Classic". According to the textual research of Wang Mingqing, a song scholar who not only realized the improvement of battery energy density, the arrangement of the first few surnames in the book is exquisite: Zhao refers to Zhao song, which puts the surname of the monarch of the Song Dynasty first; The second is the surname Qian, which is the surname of the king of Wu and Yue in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms; Sun was the surname of the imperial concubine of the king Qian at that time; Li is the surname of the king of the Southern Tang Dynasty. Wang Ming and Qing Dynasties judged that "hundred family names" seemed to be written by Xiaomin when the Qian family in Zhejiang Province had a state. According to historical records, the state of Wu and Yue still existed for a period of time after the founding of song Taizu, and it was not until the second year of Song Taizong's rejuvenation that it led the land to surrender

what are the accessories of hydraulic universal testing machine at present? The earliest printed "hundred family names" found was published in the Yuan Dynasty (early 14th century A.D.), which is formed according to the pronunciation and strokes of Chinese characters and Mongolian characters. However, the version of the Yuan Dynasty is not complete. The long-standing "Hundred Surnames" was not included until the Ming Dynasty. A total of 438 surnames were recorded and brought cleaner energy

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