Hundreds of buses in Guangzhou are equipped with f

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Hundreds of buses in Guangzhou are equipped with free WiFi

WiFi signs in buses. Photographed by Shan Xiaoliang in Nandu

Mr. Liao, who takes the No. 54 bus every day, recently found out by accident that there were many WiFi signs posted in the carriage of the bus. He tried to play with it, and if he could really use free wifi. Recently, many citizens and tourists have noticed that there are many WiFi buses on the streets of Guangzhou, and you can get on the bus for free, but there is a problem of poor traffic

once upon a time, WiFi services were only available in high-end hotels, Western restaurants and office buildings. Mr. Liao didn't expect to enjoy free WiFi by bus. In addition to bus No. 54, there are also 67 orange WiFi coverage signs posted on the bus No. B11, which Mr. Liao often takes and also passes through Tianhe passenger station. However, Mr. Liao found that whenever it rains or passes through the tunnel, the WiFi signal in the bus will become weak, and the line will be automatically disconnected after getting off the bus

recently, Nandu has taken multiple WiFi buses to experience the life of playing WiFi while crowding buses. From Tianhe passenger station, yueken road to TIYU East Road and then to Dongshankou. Note: for non-ferrous metal castings, take bus No. 54, B11 and 813 successively. WiFi signals happen to be in several buses, one of which is named Shanli (1). Thinking about the establishment of the city's information network platform. NK's wireless network covers the whole carriage

after logging in, the WiFi home page immediately pops up on the screen. You can not only read books, listen to songs, watch movies, browse directly on the page, but also open other network interfaces. However, when passing through the Tianshou road tunnel, the WiFi signal weakened, and then it broke. After getting off the bus, the signal was interrupted. When getting on a bus with wireless network again, you need to log in again to continue using it

according to individual passengers, when using the wireless WiFi, except for the occasional disconnection, listening to songs and watching movies are still not smooth, especially in the rush hour. Every time you get off and change trains, you have to connect again. If the bus station also has WiFi, you don't have to deal with it so much. Mr. Peng, who lives in Panyu, suggested that bus stops and more buses should cover WiFi as soon as possible

(Nandu Shan Xiaoliang)

results: the surface layer with a width of no more than 5mm should be preserved; Fanggang should be processed into a rectangular sample with a thickness of 20mm and a surface layer. Within the year, half of the buses will be covered with WiFi

it is reported that Guangzhou Science and Information Technology Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission and other departments are promoting the construction of wireless cities. Guangzhou has started pilot bus WiFi coverage since March this year. At present, hundreds of buses have been tested on 54, B10, B11, 211, 244, 245, 810, 813 and other lines, The 381 road in the university town even has the first 4G wireless network pilot in Guangzhou. As for the WiFi service of bus stops and more bus lines, the Municipal Transportation Commission said it would gradually promote it, and half of the buses might be covered this year

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