Hungary invents new technology of making building

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Hungary invented a new technology for making plastic waste into building materials. After 10 years of efforts, Hungarian researchers launched a new technology for processing plastic waste into industrial raw materials in June 2003. Weight: 18kg, which changed the previous practice of burning or landfilling plastic waste. It is not only of great significance in environmental protection, but also plays a role in saving energy due to the reuse of plastic waste

research on clamping the standard tensile sample on the hydraulic universal testing machine. The personnel first process the plastic waste and clamp a ball in the collet to become a new type of synthetic material, and then mix this material with asphalt in proportion to make a paving material, which can increase the hardness of the pavement, and at the same time, it can also be made into a thermal insulation material for the construction field. At present, this technology has applied for a European patent

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