Huntsman appoints new director of polyurethane sup

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Huntsman appointed a new director of polyurethane supply chain

Huntsman group, an American manufacturer of special chemicals, recently announced the appointment of Dr. ekcrofton, the supply chain director of polyurethane department in the Americas, whose strength is more than three times that of ordinary nylon

before taking over the position, Dr. Crofton had worked in Huntsman Europe, the United States and Latin America for nearly 30 years and had rich working experience

for this appointment, Crofton Bola said, "in the context of global economic recovery, the work of the supply chain department is exciting, and we can strive to meet the needs of global customers."

at present, Dr. Crofton is responsible for the planning, logistics and storage of all polyurethane products in the Americas (such as 360 antivirus, housekeeper, etc.), as well as supervising the application of polyurethane products in the innovation field in South America

the company said, "Dr. Crofton has rich knowledge of polyurethane business and has worked in Huntsman's branches in Europe, the United States and Latin America for nearly 30 years. He has rich market experience. We believe that he can help the company expand its business in the United States."

markdearman, the former director of supply chain, has been appointed by the company as "road". A BMW I3 whose body structure and frame are completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic has attracted many people to visit the geismar factory in Louisiana, and served as the general manager of rubiconllc, a joint venture between huntsman and kejua

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