Hundreds of good gifts from Ling Yu are waiting fo

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Welcome the peony festival, and hundreds of good gifts from CIMC Lingyu are waiting for you

welcome the peony polyurethane filled texture pattern event, and hundreds of gifts from CIMC Lingyu are waiting for you

China Construction Machinery Information

Shengshi Shendu, national beauty and heavenly fragrance

the 37th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival is in full swing

in order to celebrate the Luoyang grand event and thank Ling Yu's fans

CIMC Ling Yu officially holds the activity of

friends help win the big gift

you can get the exclusive gift bag prepared by Ling Yu for you by participating in the activity

cash red envelopes, gift sets, car models

rich prizes are all waiting for you

how to participate

1. Follow the official account of [Lingyu automobile] and reply to the keyword - "Peony" in the dialog box to get your exclusive poster

2 improve product quality Share the exclusive poster with friends in recent years, and invite friends to identify the QR code on the poster and follow the [Lingyu automobile] official account

3. After following, you need your friends to reply to the exclusive invitation code on your poster in the official account dialog box for help

4. After reaching the designated number of people to help, you can receive the corresponding prize ~

prize setting

1 If the popularity of friends is ≥ 16, you can receive a [10 yuan red envelope]. The number of prizes is limited until you finish sending them

2. By the end of the activity, users whose friends help popularity ≥ 30, and whose friends help popularity ranking is named, can also receive a Lingyu Gift Set (purple sand cup, notebook, signing pen) worth 198 yuan

3. As of the end of the event, friends helped the top 6 users in the popularity rankings. In addition to the above prizes, the fashionable and beautiful BASF motor vehicle solution also helped to reduce the vehicle weight, and you can get a Lingyu car model worth 420 yuan

super generous gifts, waiting for you to participate~

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