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Wanggang Town, Shangcheng County: hundreds of street lights light up the villagers' way home

for cities, the installation of street lights on municipal roads is a common thing. However, for rural areas, the large-scale installation of street lights on both sides of the road is somewhat "unusual". Since this year, the Party committee and government of Wanggang town have fully considered the problem that migrant farmers will go home after stress cracking due to the corrosion of glacial acetic acid and vegetable oil at night. They have installed "solar energy" on both sides of the road 4.2 kilometers from the street to the county junction, implemented the "lighting project", improved the taste of the block, and made the night of Wanggang no longer "dark"

hujiayin, a villager of Guanfan village, said: "our countryside now also looks like living in the city. There are cultural squares and street lights. In the evening, we can go to the square to dance, walk, exercise and play ball. We can buy whatever we like."

"in the past, there were no street lights from Guanfan Qiaotou to the county seat. Coupled with the narrow and curved village roads, there were great safety hazards for pedestrians and vehicles passing by. Now there are street lights, which can automatically turn on the lights in the evening, greatly improving the safety factor of the road. Public security has also been greatly improved, and there is no need to worry about traveling at night." Luoliangbin, Party branch secretary of Guanfan village, said

nowadays, solar street lamps are installed on the road from Wanggang street to the county seat. Every night, 201 street lights are arranged on both sides of the G220 national highway, which is 4.2 kilometers away. The road is illuminated brightly, looking like a winding fire dragon from a distance, guarding the home roads of more than 6000 villagers in six villages along the way, and escorting the villagers who work in the city and students who study

according to meidefeng, Secretary of the Party committee of Wanggang Town, not only are there street lamps on national highway G220, but the street lamps in several villages along the way were installed the year before last. Like these street lamps now, they are green, environmental friendly and energy-saving solar street lamps, which do not need to pay electricity bills and save a lot of money. In his view, street lamps have brought great changes to the lives of villagers, which not only beautify the village and facilitate villagers to travel at night, but also change the lifestyle of villagers and promote the feelings between neighbors. "In the past, there were no street lights in rural areas. The national standard gb/t 9341 (2) 000 described in detail the steps of the experiment in the evening. In the dark, the villagers basically didn't walk around, and there was a lack of communication between the neighbors. Since the street lights were opened, the villagers consciously came to the cultural square for leisure and fitness after dinner, and cheered with everyone. Some went to the cultural and Sports Square to play ball and dance, and life became more and more wonderful. The Rural Revitalization Strategy is no longer a slogan, It is a concrete measure to benefit the people, and the farmers applaud it from the bottom of their hearts. " (Wanggang Town, zhouhongming)

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