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2017 national power reform Hunan

(I) enterprise legal person registered in accordance with the company law of the people's Republic of China, with business scope including "power sales"

(II) asset requirements. The total assets shall not be less than 20 million yuan. Those with total assets ranging from 20million yuan to 100million yuan can be engaged in power sales of 600million to 3billion kwh per year. Those with total assets ranging from 100million yuan to 200million yuan can be engaged in the power sales business of 3billion to 6billion kwh. If the total assets are more than 200million yuan, there is no restriction on the sales of electricity

(III) employees. Have 10 or more professionals, master the basic technology and economic expertise of power system, measure the height of electrolyte in each shift, have the ability of electric energy management, energy saving management, demand side management, etc., and have more than 3 years of work experience. At least 1 professional manager with senior title and 3 professional managers with intermediate title

(IV) business premises and equipment. It has a fixed business place suitable for the scale of electricity sales, an information system and a customer service platform required by the power market technical support system, and can meet the functions of quotation, information submission, contract signing, customer service, etc. participating in market transactions

(V) credit requirements. The power selling company and its legal representative have no bad credit record, and make credit commitments in accordance with the requirements to ensure honest and trustworthy operation

Article 5 in addition to the above conditions, the power selling company with the power distribution management right shall also meet the following conditions: microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine adopts microcomputer control and combines advanced electronic control technology:

(I) the registered capital shall not be less than 20% of its total assets

(II) obtain the corresponding power business license (power supply) as required

(III) add professional technical, marketing and financial personnel suitable for the distribution business, with a total number of no less than 20, and at least 2 professional managers with senior titles and 5 professional managers with intermediate titles

(IV) the person in charge of production, operation, technology and safety shall have more than 5 years of experience suitable for the power distribution business, and have intermediate or above professional and technical qualifications or post training certificates

(V) have a sound and effective safety production organization and system, carry out safety training in accordance with relevant regulations, and equip safety supervisors

(VI) have machines, equipment and maintenance personnel suitable for undertaking power distribution business. Those who entrust qualified loading (repair, test) teams to external parties shall be subject to supervision

(VII) have site equipment and personnel that match the distribution business and meet the requirements of dispatching standards

(VIII) promise to perform the obligations of universal service and minimum power supply in the power society

power generation enterprises

1. Hunan power and public power generation enterprises, including thermal power (including comprehensive resource utilization power generation and cogeneration), hydropower (including pumped storage power generation), wind power and solar power. When conditions are met, power generation enterprises outside the province are allowed to participate in direct transactions in our province

2. On the premise of paying in full the government funds, policy cross subsidies and system reserve capacity fees established in accordance with the law and regulations, the self owned power plants incorporated into Hunan power can participate in direct transactions of electricity other than their spontaneous self consumption

3. Have independent legal personality, independent financial accounting, and be able to undertake civil affairs independently. Power generation enterprises with internal accounting must be authorized by the legal entity

4. Comply with national industrial policies, and meet national requirements for energy conservation, water conservation and pollution discharge


power users with voltage levels of 10 kV and above, encourage priority power purchasing enterprises and power users to voluntarily enter the market

transaction mode

bilateral negotiation, centralized bidding, listing and bidding

transaction price

sales price table

transmission and distribution price in Hunan Province 2017-2019

contract template

1, power sales company and power user entrusted agent transaction agreement

2 The market-oriented transaction contract between the power selling company and the power generation enterprise

3, the tripartite transmission and distribution service contract between the power selling company, the power generation enterprise and the power enterprise

4, the tripartite retail power supply and consumption contract between the power selling company, the power user and the power enterprise

transaction rules

centralized bidding transaction shall be determined according to the unified clearing price or the declared price of both parties; The listed transaction price shall be settled at the listed transaction price

if centralized bidding adopts unified clearing, it can be determined according to the transaction price of the last transaction matching, or according to the price corresponding to the intersection of the buyer's declaration curve and the seller's declaration curve; If matching is adopted, the transaction price is formed according to the declared price of each transaction match, which is generally the average value of the seller's quotation and the buyer's quotation

settlement rules

according to the annual transaction contract, both parties to the electricity market transaction can apply for adjustment to the decomposition plan of the next month in the annual transaction contract before the 5th day of each month on the premise of maintaining the total amount of the original decomposition plan in the subsequent months.

deviation assessment

less electricity consumption within 2% of the deviation assessment fee is exempted from paying the deviation assessment fee, For less power consumption beyond 2%, the deviation assessment fee shall be paid according to the compensation unit price of the reduced power of the system (when the system does not call the reduced service due to good casting performance, the deviation assessment fee shall be paid according to 10% of its contract weighted price). The compensation unit price of power shall be reduced to continuously understand the needs of customers and improve the product standards, management methods Production process, etc. = total compensation cost of power reduction at the generation side/total compensation cost of power reduction at the generation side is obtained by the product of the compensation price of power reduction of all units and the bid winning power reduction of units

transactions in 2017

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