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Minister of natural resources of Canada: low oil prices may provide an opportunity for the energy transformation of G7 countries

Minister of natural resources of Canada: low oil prices may provide an opportunity for the energy transformation of G7 countries

May 4, 2016

[China paint information] Jim Carr, Minister of natural resources of Canada, said in an exclusive interview on Monday (May 2) that the energy ministers of major western countries were discussing ways to create opportunities by using the decline in oil prices, For example, promote the use of electric vehicles. The group of seven (G7), including major auto producers such as Japan and Germany, benefited from the fall in oil prices, but was also plagued by fuel consumption and emissions scandals

as a major oil and gas producer, Canada is also impacted by the 70% drop in oil prices since the middle of 2014. However, the Minister of energy of Canada said that the drop in oil prices has also brought an opportunity to select the corresponding measuring power

carr said, "at present, the oil price is at a low level. The oil investment has decreased, but we think this also provides an opportunity to prepare for the transition phase of the energy economy. We discussed this issue at the G7 ministerial meeting in the past two days. As for Canada, the technical standards institute, which is commonly used for testing machines for thermal insulation materials, has submitted a budget and will invest heavily in electric vehicles, green technology and green infrastructure projects during this transition period."

Canada plans to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) despite low energy prices, abundant reserves at present, and the postponement and cancellation of some projects

carr mentioned, "our policy objective is that Canada will still export LNG from the East and west sides of the country, and in terms of geographical location, it is beneficial to the relationship between Canada and Japan. We look forward to developing a LNG industry exporting to Europe on the east coast of Canada."

Canada has said that it wants to sell oil to Asian economies, but it is facing difficulties in replacing coating operations with in mold decoration (IMD) technology for building oil pipelines to the Pacific coast. But Carr says the Canadian government is trying to break through

he added, "the regulatory procedures and the previous government's attempt to obtain the tubing license did not work, so we learned from the past experience and are trying other methods. At present, several tubing applications have been submitted to the regulatory authorities. By the end of 16 years, the outside world will know whether the new tubing has been approved by Canada."

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