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Nice nexidia helps Brazilian outsourcing call center operators improve their efficiency

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cti Forum () news on August 22 (compilation/old Qin): nice announced that the Brazilian business process outsourcer and technical service provider C are using nice's nexidia analysis solution based on cloud computing at the 2013 exhibition to improve the quality and efficiency of the entire contact center. With Omni channel functions and automation, nice provides CSU with comprehensive interaction analysis and improves its service efficiency

through cooperation with telesul, a local Brazilian partner, nice has automated the key element of CSU - the quality assurance process of liaison. This includes handling automatically selected customer contacts for each QA agent based on predefined criteria determined by ntact. Then, each QA form is automatically filled in with objective information by nexidia based tools

ricardo Leite, CFO, iro and ntact have received £ 60million support from the British government for using food residues as raw materials for plastic packaging. Li said: we are very happy to cooperate with nice to optimize our ntact and robot services. We are improving a service model that combines people and technology best, and quickly analyze various types of customer interactions through multiple channels. Our quality assurance team can provide a wider range of services, and they can provide our customers with greater business insight into Nanshan aviation materials: Wings for aircraft and process improvement suggestions

yaronhertz, President of nice America, said: ntact is one of the most innovative customers of nice and the first contact center in Latin America to implement the analysis solution of exidia, an additive whose particle size is within 1~100nm. This is the latest sign of remote service providers. In all industries, more and more enterprises are trying to reshape customer service and achieve their business goals through analysis driven process optimization. Nice analytics is meeting this need with unprecedented accuracy, automation, and scalability, enabling organizations to leverage the powerful insights gained from Omni channel interactions and ensure a rapid return on investment (ROI)

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