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The new superconducting magnetometer developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences helps to block the entire South China Sea area. This new superconducting magnetometer is used to monitor moving objects sailing underwater. As long as the moving objects, whether unmanned submarines or manned submarines, contain metal equipment, this instrument can be monitored and controlled

submarine, as one of the main ships of the Navy, has always been the Deadliest Killer in counterattack. To catch a submarine in the vast sea area is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is a headache for the whole world. This new magnetic sensor can detect each other's submarine activities from a distance of several kilometers rather than hundreds of meters. This will be disastrous for the submarine to adopt the dry pulverized coal gasification technology. The submarine has been working hard on the anti sonar and has been doing more and more quietly to prevent them from being heard or found on the sonar. However, the different types of magnetic signals on these submarines are difficult to eliminate for different material inspection numbers

as early as last century, the United States built a large-scale inshore antisubmarine warning system "underwater acoustic monitoring system" (SOSUS), which is based on passive sonar technology and covers most inshore waters. In this technology, a large number of hydrophones are used to connect the underwater receiving antenna, and the signal is transmitted to the onshore information processing center through the submarine cable, so it is not difficult to detect the first and second generation submarines. Until the third generation nuclear submarine was put into service in the Soviet Navy, it was very worried that the backward sonar performance could not identify the rival of 157 chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) pipeline system. Not to mention detecting the fourth generation submarines

nowadays, the research and development of this superconducting magnetometer may be applied to "anti submarine warfare devices". It can be predicted that in the future, we may also use this device to build an underwater anti submarine system similar to that of the United States. And based on this "murderous" will also set off a submarine revolution. Fully control the South China Sea

superconducting quantum interference device is only one of the ways China has improved its anti submarine capability in the past few years. "Underwater Great Wall", a series of diving sensors, buoys and unmanned submarines are considered to be nearing completion. The project will help China expand its maritime surveillance area

there is a close relationship between the superconducting effect and the magnetic field. Under certain conditions, however, the magnetic field can destroy the superconducting state. The instrument that uses this phenomenon to observe the magnetic field is called the superconducting magnetometer. In recent years, the superconducting magnetometer has been greatly developed. However, it is inconvenient to produce, transport and store because it needs liquid helium as the coolant. The way to solve this problem lies in the development of small special refrigerator or the emergence of superconducting materials waiting for higher temperature

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