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Hong Kong newspapers attach great importance to newspaper packaging

in Huang Shuwei's eyes, Hong Kong media are more competitive than mainland media. Hong Kong is not very big, but there are 38 newspapers of all kinds. All of them are competitors and fight fiercely every day. Naturally, all newspaper offices attach great importance to the packaging of newspapers. When the same article comes out, the newspaper society spreads out various newspapers every day to compare what is good and what is bad. Under such fierce market behavior, the design has a great awareness of the engineering measurement specification GB 50026 (9) 3

Huang Shuwei highly appreciates the form of the design competition. I have read many pages today and feel that there are many highlights, but the level of the entries varies greatly. Newspapers need such competition in design. Just like a race, we can clearly see who runs faster, who has room for development and who has more investment. I believe that with more and more media participating in the future, the quality of domestic layout design will become better and better. The principle of Rockwell hardness test is as shown in the figure

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