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Sinomach: help Russia in the world cup, have me

Sinomach: help Russia in the world cup, I am here

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today will usher in the eighth day of the world cup in Russia. Did your little friends know about it yesterday? If you have any questions, please contact the staff of our company. In the evening, the traditional giants Spain met the Asian powerhouse Iran in Kazan stadium, and finally Spain won Iran by a small margin. When it comes to Kazan stadium, the reason is that it is also one of the fields of tribology research. It is very exciting because the excavators and loaders of Sinomach have participated in the construction of Kazan stadium and Volgograd stadium, another stadium of the world cup

Kazan stadium

can contribute to the world cup, a world sports event, and bear and witness the glory and dreams of the 2018 World Cup football heroes. As a member of Sinomach, it can be said to be 120000 glory

Volgograd stadium

as the country with the largest territory in the world, and also an important country along the "the Belt and Road", Russia has great potential in the field of infrastructure construction. In particular, from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games to the 2018 Russia world cup, two consecutive world sports events were held in Russia, which brought a lot of infrastructure construction needs to the region. Sinomach entered the Russian market in 2006 and has now become an influential Chinese construction machinery brand in the region

at present, Sinomach has sold more than 3000 sets of Sinomach brand equipment in Russia, and its export volume has exceeded 100million US dollars. Products from Vladivostok in the east to St. Petersburg in the West are distributed in most regions of Russia. The Russian market has also become one of the key overseas export markets of Sinomach

the thickness and depth of strengthening the management of Sinomach crane

for a long time, the Russian construction machinery market has been monopolized by European, American, Japanese and Korean products, which has brought great challenges to the development of local market for Chinese construction machinery products. In the face of market pressure, Sinomach did not dump or fight a price war. Aiming at the market layout of key regions, Sinomach actively planned the local localization operation and assembly production of Sinomach products, and achieved good market response


in the future, Sinomach, as the only central enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, will always adhere to the concept of "building national machinery with quality and winning the world with service", constantly establish the brand value of "national key", and actively work with countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road" to contribute to the improvement and development of local infrastructure

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