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Recently, many new technologies and products have appeared in the decoration industry. Some trendy citizens have a natural preference for new things, but experts in the decoration industry remind that you have to think carefully about whether to try new things, because while new things highlight a certain function, they may also have unexpected "side effects". At the same time, the defects of new products and technologies may not be found without a period of practical verification. Therefore, decoration "taste fresh" really have to be careful

do you want Mini tiles

nowadays, small-size ceramic tiles are increasingly favored by some fashionable young people. Because the arrangement of small-size tiles changes more richly, they can also be laid with beveled edges and diagonals, which can create a unique decorative effect, especially suitable for European style decoration

but whether it is suitable to choose small ceramic tiles should consider the living habits of the family. Compared with laying large bricks, the joints of laying small bricks are greatly increased. There is not much cooking fume in European and American countries, and many family kitchens are paved with small tiles, but Chinese cooking habits use more oil, and cleaning will become a big problem. Moreover, the damage rate of small brick drilling is relatively high, and the dosage will increase accordingly

is wiring intelligent

intelligent wiring is like the nervous system of the human body, commanding the whole family sound system or background music system, broadband network system, telephone system, television video system, safety protection alarm system, intelligent remote control system, light effect control system, etc

many families preparing for decoration know the importance of electrical wiring. Some people think that the more complete the wiring, the better. However, from an economic point of view, we should proceed from practicality. Because the more complex the cabling system is, the greater the investment will be. For example, whether the family needs background music and whether all rooms need internet access should be carefully considered

is geothermal used for heating

using geothermal heating, hot air from bottom to top, so that the indoor temperature difference is balanced, which will give people the feeling that their feet are warm and their heads are not hot, and save the space for placing radiators

although geothermal heating has many advantages, its application also has many limitations. First of all, when decorating, be careful when nailing nails to the ground to prevent damage to the heating pipes across all corners of the room. Once the heating pipes are damaged, the cost of maintenance is expensive; Secondly, when purchasing flooring, ceramic tiles and other building materials, we should choose relevant materials suitable for geothermal heating; Thirdly, because geothermal will lead to the emission of volatile substances such as paint and glue in the floor, it is more likely that indoor pollution will exceed the standard in a period of time after decoration. In addition, the initial investment of geothermal heating is large, which requires high economic strength of users

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