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The year 2015 is a breakthrough, revolutionary and milestone year for nature cranny wardrobe. The upgrading and positioning of the product concept of "intelligent health" has clarified the direction for the future development of nature cranni wardrobe. Since the launch of the new s-kitchen smart kitchen product by nature crany at the China International Expo in July 2015, nature crany has always been committed to providing consumers with more environmentally friendly and healthy smart kitchen solutions, and creating an environmentally friendly, healthy, intelligent and comfortable kitchen life is nature crany's constant commitment

Market: customized home furnishing, the only industry that will not be replaced by the Internet

at present, the cabinet ownership rate of Chinese urban residents is 2.8%, and 29% of urban residents will purchase the overall cabinet in the next 3-5 years. China has 616million urban people and a total urban population of about 39 million households. In the next 3-5 years, China will have a cabinet Market of more than 500 billion, and it will grow at a rate of more than 40% every year. Customized home furnishing has become the only industry that will not be replaced by the Internet

course: 20 years of living in nature. China's 500 most valuable brands, ranked 98th with a brand value of 23.426 billion yuan, have become the only private enterprise among the seven top 100 building materials enterprises

nature corani was jointly established in 2014 by nature home, the world's leading provider of flooring and household product solutions, and the pure German professional wardrobe brand "corani". The products integrate global resources and inherit the essence of German industrial civilization. They are exquisite and only for quality life. In the future, nature cranni wardrobe will create the most valuable and brand influential Chinese professional cabinet brand with continuous innovation and steady development to lead a healthy life

in 2015, "Internet +" became the hottest topic, and environmental protection, health and intelligence are the future development direction. In terms of environmental protection and health, nature has always been committed to providing consumers with products, and this year, nature · corani is also the product that mainly promotes intelligence. Nature cranni intelligent health integrated kitchen safety solution - "s-kitchen intelligent kitchen" series of new products came into being. From the intelligent lifting of the flow table, dishwashers with high-temperature steam treatment, intelligent smoking machines and stoves, to intelligent alarm systems, all-round intelligence provides users with intelligent and healthy life enjoyment

franchise support: cultivate the market with passion and support the whole process with care

nature · cranni wardrobe cultivate the market with passion and support the franchisees through publicity, store, terminal, opening, operation, product, planning, training, logistics, after-sales and other support systems. Before the establishment of the store, professionals will guide the research on the target market and the location of the store; After opening, we will implement the supply discount policy for samples and provide various publicity materials to meet the end sales demand. In the follow-up business process, provide comprehensive and multi-level systematic training to improve the professional knowledge, management ability and service quality of store staff

nature ・ corrani creates wealth with you

smart era and defines the future. Nature corani, hundred cities and thousands of stores are in hot recruitment. Nature cranni invites you to join hands to start a new journey and make unremitting efforts to create a smart and healthy new kitchen for millions of families

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