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Bushy Park - The Home of The Parkrun - Tom Southgatet have been fair. That wouldn, Hampton School - Today News Post Today News || UK News

With 47 weekly Parkrun events, if you live within London’s outer barrier that is the M25, then you’ll almost certainly have heard of it. If not, then there’s bound to be one near you, from Hazelwood to Hanworth, and Osterley to Richmond.

So what is it? Parkrun is an ever-growing collection of 5-kilometre events for walkersspecial_label, runners and volunteers. Taking place at over 2000 locations, in 27 different countries, the weekly Parkrun now operates on a global scale. All Parkruns are free to enterThe changing times., and anyone can take part; from parents to pensioners, dog-walkers to wheelchair users, you can never finish last, as there is always a designated ‘tailwalker’ to bring up the rear!

Whatever the motive, the Parkrun moto will always remain the same: ‘weekly, free, 5k, for everyone, forever’. But participating in this weekly event is about more than just staying fit and healthy. Meeting people with similar interests, and socialising with fellow runners, are central to the Parkrun philosophy. For some, personal bests and winning classifies success; for others, it’s just about finishing.

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